Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Real Quick punya Quickie!

months past and my blog is dying.. or death??
today i gonna bring a new breath to this tiny little virtual space of mine.

i dunno what to talk about.. let's see what in my head...........

where i have been for the past few months? i am always here only lacks of motivation of writing after spending my day with writing letters of demand, pleadings, affidavits etc... there are load of event in the list..

i am yet to update about "triangular prism" a contemporary dance performance which i step in as a stage crew member during last june..

i am yet to update about my chambering days in Wilfred Dhyan & Co.. a place which i spend the most in the past 2 1/2 months.

i am yet to update about my convocation which took place on 5th August 2010, a memorable day which i think i made my parents proud for raising me for the past 24 years..

i am yet to update about my family trip to Genting and Malacca the days after my convocation.. which my sister suffered lost of purse..

sorry.. i could not update about my birthday celebration which fall on 14th July because basically i don't really celebrate it.. birthday just slipped away :)

ok... basically that is all i manage to write for this post..
look like this blog will continue dying until i found a new breath for it..
the breath i am giving today still....a dying breath.....................................
even flies die...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Can we survive without subsidies??

Quite some time since the last time i wrote about current issue and write how bad our life in this beloved motherland. If you think we live in a fabulous life since i did not write anything bad about life for the pass few months then you are totally wrong. In this post i would write about the hot issue about cutting the subsidies.

Sinchew daily readers.. grab today(5th June 2010) and look for Opinion Corner.. find David Mathew's article and read through.. or in the alterntive i found at sinchew website. For those who not literate in chinese, i will posted the English Edition when it is available.

I am sure that everyone know how the government spend our(taxpayer) money (although i never paid income tax but still there are taxes i need to pay in daily basis) GENEROUSLY. But.. yes everything come with a but.. at least in my life.. how much did they spend generously in the past 30 years?? David Mathew listed out one by one in the article and hope you won't get stroke after reading it.

After 30years of generousity, now we are suffering. Why? because according to XXX we will bankrupt if we did not cut our subsidies to subside our generousity in running this country. A question running in my mind. What is the government cut the subsidies but continue the generousity policy. Yes.. we won't bankrupt at 2019, but we still may face the same problem afterward. By that time, we have no subsidies to cut anymore, what should we POTONG then??

photo from http://www.dirjournal.com/business-journal/images/bankruptcy.jpg
it shows our direction if the government keep on the generousity policy!

Imagine, if subsidies is cut. What will happened to the market? i don't know the economy, what i know is the domino effect of the policy. Price will hike, the poor cannot afford to eat, to live, and even to drink, unless they willing to drink the water from Sungai Klang.

If cut down the subsidies will generate a lot more income to our country i would definitely agree. But..again..there is always but.. but if cut down the subsidies just for the government to become generous in helping the cronies in their businesses, i would DISAGREE in TOTALITY!!

In my opinion, (i don't know whether this will work or not, i am not economy expert), instead of taking drastic way in getting more money by cut the subsidies within 5 years, the government should taking a softer and alternative way to generate more income and be less generous in running the country economy. If there is income generation, the government should have no worry to pay the debt which cause by their generousity all this years.

I am in the view that Rakyat should not be punished by paying high price for basic daily expenses because of the fault of the government for being generous all this while. Moral lesson during primary & secondary school: one should be responsible to their own act. Government should responsible as to the effect of their generousity. As a responsible government, they should spend the money contributed by the Rakyat in the wise way. And as the return, Rakyat should get the benefit from it. Not to suffer just to having 3 meals a day and a shelter from the sun and rain.

Subsidies is Rakyat's right. Yes.. we can live without subsidies.. in a stressed way!

p/s: you know what the Rakyat do when they stressed? they will change the government.. Thailand is a good example :) When is next general election?? I am sure within 5 years...which the policy will fully implemented.

p/s: Generousity in running the government for me, is just another corrupt policy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


hi there! i know i was missing from this sphere for quite some time.. no choice but to set blog aside when more priotise things awaiting for my attention.
This post is more likely a ray's photography post as i will post photo that i took while i was at my hometown.

please help me name this 2 puppies please.. the white colour is a girl and the brown is a boy.. both born to this earth after Chinese New Year this year..

For more photos please click this link

Friday, March 19, 2010

Project IntroKELANTAN- Vol 2

this will be a short volume..
in this volume i will introduce about a vihara..

Wat Phothikyan Phutthaktham or better known as Double Dragons Temple (Shuang Long Shi), it got the name because at the entrance of the vihara, there are 2 dragons. I didn't take any photo during my last visit to the vihara but i manage to find it from KBguy's blog.. here is the photo.. the dragons' body actually surrounded the vihara.

The vihara located at the Kampung Balai, Bachok. It is quite hard to locate if you are not familiar with the area. So for those who from others state wishes to visit this temple, make sure get a guide. Can ask me to bring you there as long as I am available at Kelantan during the time.

Upon entering the temple, you will see a big colourful tree. This tree is one of the main attraction in the vihara. For those who familiar with the Hong Kong drama, sure you saw before the wishing tree where people make a wish and throw the wish to the tree.

Wishing Tree
Pray Sincerely
And your wishes will come true!

see how colourful is the tree

How it works?? 1st check you birth day.. yes birth day not birthday.. either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Nothing else.. Next according to the day pick the colour of the wishing clothes (or tools??). It is basically a long cloth with attached with candle at both end.. after that, write you wish and pray pray.. the go under the tree and throw it up to the tree.

Another things that will capture your eyes when u entered the vihara is a very high white buddha statue. The statue was launch quite recent and for those who is quite unfamiliar with buddhisme, basically buddhisme can be divided in 3 main school of taught which are Theravada, Mahayana and the Tibetan buddhisme. All the buddha statue look different in the different school of taught. This Vihara is a Theravada Vihara, but the statue is the one usually we can seen in the Mahayana. This is because the Master of the Vihara had a dream about it.

can you see how small is the human under the statue?

Below is the rest of the photos of the vihara which i took during my last visit to the vihara during CNY to bring family friends to visit. So, when you come to Kelantan, just call me i will bring you around.

this building is call Bhoth (during how to spell it). It basically close during normal day and only open when there is new monk. the ceremony will be conduct in the hall.

A different kind of creature in the vihara.

Beside the wishing tree, another attraction of the vihara is the traditional sauna which using all the herb as the ingredient of the sauna. So, when you wanna visit please bring your clothes along so you can enjoy the healthy sauna.

As for next post i write about another vihara so stay tuned ya. Sorry for the poor photos quality as i am using a phone camera to capture all the photo.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project IntroKELANTAN- Vol 1

This project will be a review of Kelantan, mainly focus at Kota Bharu and Tumpat which I spent most of my time during the holiday and it is the place where I grew up. My house is at Wakaf Bharu, which is a small town nearer to Kota Bharu but under Tumpat territorial. My schools located at Kota Bharu. My primary school was SRJK (C) Peir Chih and upon entering secondary school I moved to SMJK (C) Chung Hwa which I spend 7 years of study there before I manage to get a place in University Malaya which I’m going to graduate in a few months.

If you ask me to describe Kelantan, I won’t know how to describe it in brief, but the life as a Kelantanese is totally different from life in KL. Chinese in Kelantan is a minority but being minority in Kelantan does not make us feel different from other races. Why? Maybe the life of the Kelantanese Chinese had been mixed up with the life of Malay. We have the same yet different lifestyle. The different between us is just the tiny line of the practicing of religion. Where can u see Chinese eating using hand? My family does. I remember my late grandparents eating using hand, and this way of eating is practice by my parents as well, and even among our sibling sometimes we do eat using hand, especially when we eating ulam with budu(fish essence).

Why we can live the way the Malay lives? I think because most of the Chinese in Kelantan already gone through many generations in Kelantan/Malaysia. Malacca famous with the culture of Baba & Nyonya which in other word, the Peranakan. Kelantanese, we do have Peranakan too (Sometimes called Cina Kampung here). My school counselor is the President of Persatuan Cina Peranakan Kelantan. I think I am one of the Peranakan too. My aunt was one of the active of Chinese Peranakan Society in UM when she was an undergraduate if not mistaken (I wonder whether the society still exists). According to my own research through questioning my parents about my family, even my grandparents are the descendants that were born in Malaysia. You can imagine how long my family had been living in this land. Not hard to imagine that our life is much affect by the lifestyle of Malay. Maybe my skin colour also affected because of this.

article on Peranakan in Kelantan 1

article on Peranakan in Kelantan 2

There are a few FAQ from the people from others states. One of the questions is whether we can find pork in Kelantan. My dear friends, here I assured you, you can found pork in Kelantan, and we have sufficient supply of pork (some is illegally imported from Thailand). You can buy pork at an open market at the center of the town. It is located next to a busy bus station and taxi station and opposite is the hypermarket Giant & Parkson. The place is crowded with Malays on Friday during prayer hour as there is near the Tok Guru Nik Aziz Markas- PAS HQ. As for my family, we get supply from my father friend which sell from his home at Wakaf Bharu. Some people even get deliver to their doorstep.

where you can fresh pork.. read the comments.

No Chinese food in Kelantan? No, that is a false statement. You can go to Jalan Kebun Sultan where the whole street accommodate Chinese restaurant, food court and stalls. From Bak Kut Teh to Char Siew Rice, Chinese food is widely offers to you. Most of the visitors and Kelantanese living at other states, Chiang Mai restaurant, Ban Kok restaurant, Kg Kulim restaurant are the place to go when they are in Kelantan. This few restaurant are the famous Thai food restaurant. Served authentic Thai food that hardly found in other place. If you can’t take the hot and spicy food, try Kg Kulim restaurant then, it served the local Chinese delicacies (what I usually take). And all the place I mentioned, there are booze of beer for you!

food court at Jalan Kebun Sultan

one of Chiang Mai famous dish the Pig Knuckle.

Another thing about Chinese from Kelantan that different from other states Chinese is that we love eating Malay food. I don’t know why my friends in university don’t like Malay food. In Kelantan, we can survive having 3 meals of Malay food. Start from breakfast, we usually take nasi lauk (rice with curry chicken/beef..etc), nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, nasi ulam…etc.


As for next and future post on Project IntroKelantan, I will write about place of interest in Kelantan. Next post will be about a Buddhist Vihara ( or you can call Buddhist Temple but I don’t really like to use the word Temple as for me Buddhist Vihara and Temple got it own distinction). In Kelantan, we call a Vihara Wat according to Thai. The Wat is called Wat Phothikyan Phutthaktham or better known as Double Dragon Temple.

Monday, March 15, 2010


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Post Campus Election forum post...

Post Campus Election forum post...

this post is directs to my beloved juniors who will continue the legacy of being independent from any influential.
from me and a few of my friends' view who attend the forum organised at the auditorium, the juniors are totally/partial run out of track of the concept of independent that we had carrying all this while.
Independent in my point of view free from any influential, pressure and have own view to serve the student for their best interest.
I was in fear yesterday as the newly elected (don’t know what word should I use as the win without challenge… self/auto appointed) voice out their manifesto and their supporters (the 2nd year juniors). The way they manifest the meaning of independent, for us is just a way to gain popularity and to be indifferent from others. The way they carry themselves not just bring shame to us but all the law students as most of the time they said “Law students are independent.” Yes! I’m independent but my independent isn’t the same as what you stated.

Hold your heart and think deeply…

Do you influenced by seniors and friends to be the new YB?

Have you ever considered the future of the students when you are on the position? Can you help the students in all the affairs that they may face?

Do you holding the position just for popularity?

Will you help me (any student) if I face problems?

Are you able to solve my problems?

How are you going to help me sort out the problems?

Do you really sincere in helping me?

And last but not least...

Do you holding the position just for the sake of the power?

Power could be addictive… believe me… I was there… although I was not MPMUM but I hold quite a number of powers when I was actively joined student activities. Maybe most people especially juniors never know about this… when I was in my 2nd year of study; I was the JIK (jawatankuasa induk kolej) for my residential college. The only person who was bigger power than me is the college president. However, the power came too early (normally 3rd & 4th year student will hold the post) for me causing up I messed up a lots of thing… bigger power does come with bigger responsibility…

Law student MUST be independent??!


Are you saying those fight under any parties tickets isn’t law student?

It depends on the stand of the student and the party. It is parallel?

If the student can perform better as the part of the party and willing to work sincerely to the students, why can’t we vote for them?

Take is as example…

I’m sure everyone knows Gary. Imagine if 2008/2009 session students’ election Gary was fight under the ticket of Pro-M or Pengerak-M… Do you think you will vote for him?

I’m sure most of the answer is YES… Why?? Because we know that he will work sincerely and able to help the students in any matters that we may face.

Yes we know that both Pro and Pengerak are influence by some parties, but we can’t deny that these are the fact and the different views of both parties do not make them a bad party. You don’t have the right to insult others! Like Fendy said, we are polite…

Ok… talk about calon Umum..

This year most talk about candidates for calon umum definitely is Mr. Tan Kee Aun. I do appreciate his creativity in conducting his campaign… however there are a few things that annoy me… wish to question him but during forum there was no any Q&A session for calon umum. If it please you please forward this post to him.

Q1. When did you start your campaign?

Q2. I saw your flyers around my faculty even before the nomination of the candidates.

Q2.1. does your act justifiable?

Q2.2. do you think it is fair to others candidates?

Q2.3. it is against the election rules for you to campaign before the campaign day?

Q2.4. if you think you u break the rules, should you withdraw from competing?

Q3. In your manifesto, you talked about being environmental friendly, how many trees had been cut down to help you win the election? I saw your flyer the most!! *stress…even before campaign day*

Q4. Freedom?! What is freedom to you? Only freedom to make choice? Do I have the freedom to complaint about you if you failed to perform your duty as the MPP?

Okok.. back to my beloved faculty, and this is about the report by Bee San and Azween. I appreciate both of you for your effort in demanding the newspaper for the students in faculty. The reason given by the management of being environment friendly (again… goreng same issue) asking the student to read the news online… do you think reading news online is environment friendly?? Bullshit and bullshit! How much energy we need to operate a PC? Can you renew the energy that you use?? Petroleum is running out Man! Water is drying too! But tree…can be plant! How many students can read the newspapers?? By sharing it… hold faculty can read it!! What we demand is not over! Just a Chinese newspaper (preferably SinChew Jit Poh), additional English newspaper (the star which is more demanding that NST), a copy of Tamil newspaper and maybe additional to Malay newspaper!! Additional four newspapers for 400 students… that is not over demanding!!

To my beloved juniors,

Don’t get confused, demonstration is not uncivilised! Using force again demonstators is uncivilised!

Demonstration/Assembly/public speaking is the way a human express his feeling toward some issue. This is a right vested in the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION!


“Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.”

Article 20(1), Universal Declaration of Human Rights

“The right of peaceful assembly shall be recognised. No restriction may be placed on the exercise of this right other than those imposed in conformity with the law and which are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, public order (ordre public), the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.”

Article 21, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Everyone in this world is vested with the right to assemble and it is the basic human right therefore, the recognition of such right is important. Under part 2 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, there are certain fundamental liberties that guaranteed by the apex legislation of the nation. In Article 10(1) (b), it provides for the right of a person / a group of persons to assemble peaceably and without arms. Although this right is vested in every citizen, at the same time, the Article also provides that the legislature/Parliament can impose certain laws to limit the invocation of this fundamental right. ## ©

This is the introduction of my Project Paper… no copy unless permission is granted.

If you say demonstration is uncivilized, therefore I can said that u stated the FC is uncivilized, Malaysians are uncivilized.

Another issue I want to raise is e-voting! As Dr. Azmi said, its SUCK! 3 points stated by Dr. Azmi, I will discuss in next post. Stay tuned!


Fully Utilise Freedom of Expression