Saturday, June 5, 2010

Can we survive without subsidies??

Quite some time since the last time i wrote about current issue and write how bad our life in this beloved motherland. If you think we live in a fabulous life since i did not write anything bad about life for the pass few months then you are totally wrong. In this post i would write about the hot issue about cutting the subsidies.

Sinchew daily readers.. grab today(5th June 2010) and look for Opinion Corner.. find David Mathew's article and read through.. or in the alterntive i found at sinchew website. For those who not literate in chinese, i will posted the English Edition when it is available.

I am sure that everyone know how the government spend our(taxpayer) money (although i never paid income tax but still there are taxes i need to pay in daily basis) GENEROUSLY. But.. yes everything come with a but.. at least in my life.. how much did they spend generously in the past 30 years?? David Mathew listed out one by one in the article and hope you won't get stroke after reading it.

After 30years of generousity, now we are suffering. Why? because according to XXX we will bankrupt if we did not cut our subsidies to subside our generousity in running this country. A question running in my mind. What is the government cut the subsidies but continue the generousity policy. Yes.. we won't bankrupt at 2019, but we still may face the same problem afterward. By that time, we have no subsidies to cut anymore, what should we POTONG then??

photo from
it shows our direction if the government keep on the generousity policy!

Imagine, if subsidies is cut. What will happened to the market? i don't know the economy, what i know is the domino effect of the policy. Price will hike, the poor cannot afford to eat, to live, and even to drink, unless they willing to drink the water from Sungai Klang.

If cut down the subsidies will generate a lot more income to our country i would definitely agree. But..again..there is always but.. but if cut down the subsidies just for the government to become generous in helping the cronies in their businesses, i would DISAGREE in TOTALITY!!

In my opinion, (i don't know whether this will work or not, i am not economy expert), instead of taking drastic way in getting more money by cut the subsidies within 5 years, the government should taking a softer and alternative way to generate more income and be less generous in running the country economy. If there is income generation, the government should have no worry to pay the debt which cause by their generousity all this years.

I am in the view that Rakyat should not be punished by paying high price for basic daily expenses because of the fault of the government for being generous all this while. Moral lesson during primary & secondary school: one should be responsible to their own act. Government should responsible as to the effect of their generousity. As a responsible government, they should spend the money contributed by the Rakyat in the wise way. And as the return, Rakyat should get the benefit from it. Not to suffer just to having 3 meals a day and a shelter from the sun and rain.

Subsidies is Rakyat's right. Yes.. we can live without subsidies.. in a stressed way!

p/s: you know what the Rakyat do when they stressed? they will change the government.. Thailand is a good example :) When is next general election?? I am sure within 5 years...which the policy will fully implemented.

p/s: Generousity in running the government for me, is just another corrupt policy.

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