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Post Campus Election forum post...

Post Campus Election forum post...

this post is directs to my beloved juniors who will continue the legacy of being independent from any influential.
from me and a few of my friends' view who attend the forum organised at the auditorium, the juniors are totally/partial run out of track of the concept of independent that we had carrying all this while.
Independent in my point of view free from any influential, pressure and have own view to serve the student for their best interest.
I was in fear yesterday as the newly elected (don’t know what word should I use as the win without challenge… self/auto appointed) voice out their manifesto and their supporters (the 2nd year juniors). The way they manifest the meaning of independent, for us is just a way to gain popularity and to be indifferent from others. The way they carry themselves not just bring shame to us but all the law students as most of the time they said “Law students are independent.” Yes! I’m independent but my independent isn’t the same as what you stated.

Hold your heart and think deeply…

Do you influenced by seniors and friends to be the new YB?

Have you ever considered the future of the students when you are on the position? Can you help the students in all the affairs that they may face?

Do you holding the position just for popularity?

Will you help me (any student) if I face problems?

Are you able to solve my problems?

How are you going to help me sort out the problems?

Do you really sincere in helping me?

And last but not least...

Do you holding the position just for the sake of the power?

Power could be addictive… believe me… I was there… although I was not MPMUM but I hold quite a number of powers when I was actively joined student activities. Maybe most people especially juniors never know about this… when I was in my 2nd year of study; I was the JIK (jawatankuasa induk kolej) for my residential college. The only person who was bigger power than me is the college president. However, the power came too early (normally 3rd & 4th year student will hold the post) for me causing up I messed up a lots of thing… bigger power does come with bigger responsibility…

Law student MUST be independent??!


Are you saying those fight under any parties tickets isn’t law student?

It depends on the stand of the student and the party. It is parallel?

If the student can perform better as the part of the party and willing to work sincerely to the students, why can’t we vote for them?

Take is as example…

I’m sure everyone knows Gary. Imagine if 2008/2009 session students’ election Gary was fight under the ticket of Pro-M or Pengerak-M… Do you think you will vote for him?

I’m sure most of the answer is YES… Why?? Because we know that he will work sincerely and able to help the students in any matters that we may face.

Yes we know that both Pro and Pengerak are influence by some parties, but we can’t deny that these are the fact and the different views of both parties do not make them a bad party. You don’t have the right to insult others! Like Fendy said, we are polite…

Ok… talk about calon Umum..

This year most talk about candidates for calon umum definitely is Mr. Tan Kee Aun. I do appreciate his creativity in conducting his campaign… however there are a few things that annoy me… wish to question him but during forum there was no any Q&A session for calon umum. If it please you please forward this post to him.

Q1. When did you start your campaign?

Q2. I saw your flyers around my faculty even before the nomination of the candidates.

Q2.1. does your act justifiable?

Q2.2. do you think it is fair to others candidates?

Q2.3. it is against the election rules for you to campaign before the campaign day?

Q2.4. if you think you u break the rules, should you withdraw from competing?

Q3. In your manifesto, you talked about being environmental friendly, how many trees had been cut down to help you win the election? I saw your flyer the most!! *stress…even before campaign day*

Q4. Freedom?! What is freedom to you? Only freedom to make choice? Do I have the freedom to complaint about you if you failed to perform your duty as the MPP?

Okok.. back to my beloved faculty, and this is about the report by Bee San and Azween. I appreciate both of you for your effort in demanding the newspaper for the students in faculty. The reason given by the management of being environment friendly (again… goreng same issue) asking the student to read the news online… do you think reading news online is environment friendly?? Bullshit and bullshit! How much energy we need to operate a PC? Can you renew the energy that you use?? Petroleum is running out Man! Water is drying too! But tree…can be plant! How many students can read the newspapers?? By sharing it… hold faculty can read it!! What we demand is not over! Just a Chinese newspaper (preferably SinChew Jit Poh), additional English newspaper (the star which is more demanding that NST), a copy of Tamil newspaper and maybe additional to Malay newspaper!! Additional four newspapers for 400 students… that is not over demanding!!

To my beloved juniors,

Don’t get confused, demonstration is not uncivilised! Using force again demonstators is uncivilised!

Demonstration/Assembly/public speaking is the way a human express his feeling toward some issue. This is a right vested in the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION!


“Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.”

Article 20(1), Universal Declaration of Human Rights

“The right of peaceful assembly shall be recognised. No restriction may be placed on the exercise of this right other than those imposed in conformity with the law and which are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, public order (ordre public), the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.”

Article 21, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Everyone in this world is vested with the right to assemble and it is the basic human right therefore, the recognition of such right is important. Under part 2 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, there are certain fundamental liberties that guaranteed by the apex legislation of the nation. In Article 10(1) (b), it provides for the right of a person / a group of persons to assemble peaceably and without arms. Although this right is vested in every citizen, at the same time, the Article also provides that the legislature/Parliament can impose certain laws to limit the invocation of this fundamental right. ## ©

This is the introduction of my Project Paper… no copy unless permission is granted.

If you say demonstration is uncivilized, therefore I can said that u stated the FC is uncivilized, Malaysians are uncivilized.

Another issue I want to raise is e-voting! As Dr. Azmi said, its SUCK! 3 points stated by Dr. Azmi, I will discuss in next post. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

raymond my dear, you sound very "senior" oh.

it is reasonably understandable that our newly appointed faculty's candidates do not gain trust and confidence among a lot of people due to their low profile in the faculty, we would also question their capability in handling students' matters like you all do, but it is indeed harsh and unfair to say that they wanted to run for election by virtue of gaining popularity or they were being influenced by seniors. i feel sad to hear this. * half-fainted*

when I was a PM last year, I was really upset to hear a senior saying that my intention to join PM was to influence the juniors. I was bona fide and in good intention to help in orientation but not for staying college business or to instil influence or what. I could only comfort myself that maybe people dont know me well, its okay.

ya, shoot them die die if they failed to perform their duty as our representatives, but not because of failing to become gary right. =)

Btw, no comment pertaining to calon umum n TKA because I read his flyers only on the day of nomination.

Chill ray, this is merely a FAIR COMMENT from a lovely friend *wink* ^^

Ps: not all juniors are ambiguous on the concept of independence.


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