Thursday, June 3, 2010


hi there! i know i was missing from this sphere for quite some time.. no choice but to set blog aside when more priotise things awaiting for my attention.
This post is more likely a ray's photography post as i will post photo that i took while i was at my hometown.

please help me name this 2 puppies please.. the white colour is a girl and the brown is a boy.. both born to this earth after Chinese New Year this year..

For more photos please click this link


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Option 1: Girl one call Ray, Boy one call Sherie.

Option 2: Girl one call Koko, Boy one call Jack.

Option 3: Girl one call Belle, Boy one call Beast.

Please choose the above~!!! hahaha

ohmywtf said...

white one - mochi
brown one - macho


rachelkoko said...

msXeroz so creative hor !!

Option 4 : Girl one call Nicola, boy one call ahSoonGor !

Good leh ! :D

hoay said...

kawaiii!!!!!!!cute puppy~~ :)

joanncys said...

white - raybee
brown - monbee

kenwooi said...

nice shots.. cute =)

Anonymous said...

i think the pictures are brilliant..vr profesional!should took more of mine pictures..haha



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