Friday, March 19, 2010

Project IntroKELANTAN- Vol 2

this will be a short volume..
in this volume i will introduce about a vihara..

Wat Phothikyan Phutthaktham or better known as Double Dragons Temple (Shuang Long Shi), it got the name because at the entrance of the vihara, there are 2 dragons. I didn't take any photo during my last visit to the vihara but i manage to find it from KBguy's blog.. here is the photo.. the dragons' body actually surrounded the vihara.

The vihara located at the Kampung Balai, Bachok. It is quite hard to locate if you are not familiar with the area. So for those who from others state wishes to visit this temple, make sure get a guide. Can ask me to bring you there as long as I am available at Kelantan during the time.

Upon entering the temple, you will see a big colourful tree. This tree is one of the main attraction in the vihara. For those who familiar with the Hong Kong drama, sure you saw before the wishing tree where people make a wish and throw the wish to the tree.

Wishing Tree
Pray Sincerely
And your wishes will come true!

see how colourful is the tree

How it works?? 1st check you birth day.. yes birth day not birthday.. either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Nothing else.. Next according to the day pick the colour of the wishing clothes (or tools??). It is basically a long cloth with attached with candle at both end.. after that, write you wish and pray pray.. the go under the tree and throw it up to the tree.

Another things that will capture your eyes when u entered the vihara is a very high white buddha statue. The statue was launch quite recent and for those who is quite unfamiliar with buddhisme, basically buddhisme can be divided in 3 main school of taught which are Theravada, Mahayana and the Tibetan buddhisme. All the buddha statue look different in the different school of taught. This Vihara is a Theravada Vihara, but the statue is the one usually we can seen in the Mahayana. This is because the Master of the Vihara had a dream about it.

can you see how small is the human under the statue?

Below is the rest of the photos of the vihara which i took during my last visit to the vihara during CNY to bring family friends to visit. So, when you come to Kelantan, just call me i will bring you around.

this building is call Bhoth (during how to spell it). It basically close during normal day and only open when there is new monk. the ceremony will be conduct in the hall.

A different kind of creature in the vihara.

Beside the wishing tree, another attraction of the vihara is the traditional sauna which using all the herb as the ingredient of the sauna. So, when you wanna visit please bring your clothes along so you can enjoy the healthy sauna.

As for next post i write about another vihara so stay tuned ya. Sorry for the poor photos quality as i am using a phone camera to capture all the photo.


Lavin said...

I wanna go...bring me there...
Lama tak pergi dah....

kc said...

thanks for sharing!!

CG said...

Hi Ray, do you know of a small kuan yin temple facing the south china sea nearby? It's supposedly also run by the people from Wat Phothikyan. I'm trying to find out how to get there. thanks for any advice!


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